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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

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Working With Slabs

8m 10s

In this course, Josh Bone will demonstrate methods for creating optimized models using ArchiCAD 21.

We will demonstrate methods on how to create granular models that can enable you to extract more views from the model for documentation which will reduce errors and omissions as a byproduct.

When you are done with this course, you'll know how to find ways to leverage the BIM from the early design phases through design into construction.


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Often if 593 is my lowest point that I'm working off of, or 593 is the point that I'm wanting to make sure of top of slab on grade, then I'll reference that point and make sure that I start that at zero and I'll use these tools here as I shift click my mesh and I go back while I'm on my mesh tool, if I space bar, if 593 is set to zero and I wanna go back down two feet, I space bar click on this contour line. And if this is going to be at 591, I would set that to negative two feet because it's so much easier for me to manage working off that zero and going up or down as opposed to trying to keep up with 593 six and three quarters. It gets to be very tedious and time consuming and I try to simplify the process as much as possible.

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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

Level 2

Duration: 7h 4m

Author: Josh Bone