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Translating Ideas Into Architectural Systems

1m 50s

Ron Brinkman of LEO A DALY walks us through the remodel and renovation of Elizabeth Hall Elementary School.  He focuses on the primary objectives of adding a secured entry, cafeteria and kitchen expansion, and providing AC cooling throughout the building. He also shows examples of specifications and details of unique features.  

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With this particular project, we really wanted to focus and emphasize on really letting the architecture be a backdrop for the artwork and temporary palates of the school, and really take a lot of the color down, bring a lot of the brightness in the room up, and let the artwork of the students really shine as that's very much curated and a part of the school's culture. So, a few of the ways that we've been able to achieve that desired effect of really bringing down a lot of the distracting architecture that was existing in the facility was to re-skin and re-clad much of the interior of the space. So, in doing that we removed a lot of really old tile from the original construction in the 50s, a lot of flooring, and, along with that, we re-laid out the wall configuration in the background here to accommodate a larger kitchen, all of which were architectural strategies to lighten and brighten the space.

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