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Objective 1.1: Evaluate Site-Specific Environmental and Socio-Cultural Opportunities

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In this ARE 5.0 Programming and Analysis Exam Prep course you will learn about the topics covered in the ARE 5.0 PA exam division. A complete and comprehensive curriculum, this course will touch on each of the NCARB objectives for the ARE 5.0 Programming and Analysis Exam.

Instructor Mike Newman will discuss issues related to programming, site analysis, and zoning & code requirements.

When you are done with this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the content covered in the ARE 5.0 Programming and Analysis Exam including project type analysis, the establishment of qualitative and quantitative project requirements, evaluation of project site and context, and assessment of economic issues.

For the programming and analysis exam, we're gonna have a whole series of lectures. Those lectures will be organized on the objectives of the 5.0 exam. We're gonna talk about a series of example projects that we'll get a chance to sort of thing about real world scenarios and how those things go. Speaking of scenarios, we're gonna go through a bunch of different ways to think about the projects. And the reason that we do that is because NCARB is very focused on not just direct simple questions, but questions that give you lots of pieces of information that you then have to piece together into sort of a general understanding.

So we'll try to mimic some of that thinking. And we'll go through some code samples. So we'll look at both the zoning codes and the building codes, some actual examples, and try to tease through working with that as a system. And we'll go through some questions and answer questions along the way that kind of give that real world sensibility to the lecture topics.

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ARE 5.0 Programming & Analysis Exam Prep

Duration: 19h 56m

Author: Mike Newman