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Surface Modeling in Grasshopper

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Surface Processing- Sweeping Mullions

8m 25s

This Grasshopper modeling tutorial course is going to walk you through a number of ways to create and manipulate surfaces using Grasshopper and Rhino.  

We'll start by showing basic methodologies for creating surfaces.  Then, we’ll create a simple Grasshopper definition that will illustrate the basic principles of relationship modeling.  From there we’ll learn how to extract information from surfaces in order to create new geometries, we’ll gain an understanding of the principles of component population, we’ll learn how to sample an image to create parametric inputs, and finally, we’ll learn how to inform the selection of objects within arrays of multiple geometries.  

When we’re finished you will have the knowledge you will need to construct your own parametric surfaces using Grasshopper and Rhino.

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From the course:
Surface Modeling in Grasshopper

Level 1

Duration: 1h 20m

Author: David LeFevre