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Specification for the Paint on the Metal Canopy

4m 26s

Ron Brinkman of LEO A DALY walks us through the remodel and renovation of Elizabeth Hall Elementary School.  He focuses on the primary objectives of adding a secured entry, cafeteria and kitchen expansion, and providing AC cooling throughout the building. He also shows examples of specifications and details of unique features.  

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It's actually a high performance coating, which means there's three or four layers of material that are applied to the finishes of steel, this is just steel, just red steel, applied to the finishes of this to make it really watertight and rust resistant, primary goal of which being to have it weather with very little maintenance needed over the seasons, it's a school, there's lots of maintenance, they have lots of other priorities to maintain more critical areas of the building, so we don't want them to worry about this, hopefully, really minimalist canopy. So what makes this spec so interesting is that it's not a typical spec that would see or that you would use in a lot of applications. Most high performance coatings that you would use aren't necessarily in reference to steel when we're making a building.

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