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Quality Control and Quality Management

2m 17s

Jon Hall of GGLO walks through specific examples of Project Management. He’ll show us a project schedule, project work plan, and a construction budget. He will also explain how to handle change in scope and scope creep.

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They're our most senior architects, they have experience both in design and in construction, and they will follow a project through the life of a project, so they'll review it at schematic design, they'll review design development, and they'll review at construction documents to make sure that things are where they should be. The quality management and quality control process really looks at taking our lessons learned, taking any best practices that we may have evolved through projects in the past an' makin' sure they're spread across the office. With a large firm, things may happen on one project that another project may not know about, so those quality management reviewers are kind of our conduit of making sure that information is passed around, that our documents are proper and can be buildable and we don't have any errors, make sure things move forward smoothly.

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