Placing and Editing Text

3m 30s

In this course, Josh Bone will show you how to create detailed 3D models in ArchiCAD 20.

First you will learn the basics of ArchiCAD and how to navigate within the software. Then, you will learn how to draw walls, add stories, and place objects, columns & beams. Finally you will learn about documentation within the software and how to place labels, identify sections & elevations, and incorporate external file formats.

When you are done with this course, beginner level users will know how to create a detailed model using the most common authoring tools within the software while still maintaining flexible workflows that allow you to edit and make changes to your models throughout the different design phases. Intermediate level users will learn modeling techniques that improve their productivity within the software.

Now moving beyond dimensioning, let's talk about the text tool within ArchiCAD. In the text tool within ArchiCAD, it works very similar to Word. We're still working with off of a point size. We have the ability to access all of the fonts that are loaded on our machine, they automatically appear right in ArchiCAD. So every font that's available to you when you're using Word is also going to be available with ArchiCAD. You can load in other fonts. These are true type fonts, that's why the scaling works so well. We have the ability to set the alignment; the leading.

You have a lot of control here within the text tool. Let's go ahead and start by clicking OK. I can move to a location. I can hit Q to create a guideline, and Q to create a guideline. And if I want to place text in the center of those two points, I can now come back in here and use my divisions. I can use my distance. I can use a number of other component here that we a want to set up.

So I'll go back in. Let's say we're getting a point here that we'll come back off of. I'll reference here at this point. And my text is now set to left align. I'm going to go to center here initially and as I rest here I'm going to double click, centering up my text, I'll type in note number one. And as I type in note number one all I had to do was double click to place the text.

Again, if want to go back I here, find the center of this location. Find the center here of this location. I can use guidelines. I can place it off of a point. I double click, and as I double click text number two. And you'll see from there, I can just click outside whenever I'm typing a note or a text; I click to the outside when I'm done.

I have my center alignment. Not only do I have my center alignment, I had the ability to control my anchor point. Here I can set a center anchor point. And by setting a center anchor point, that's going to allow me to place that text center alignment along with a center insertion point and notes. We can edit this and it's very easy to come back in within ArchiCAD by shift clicking on any text and if I want to highlight a portion of this, you'll see our text editing bar appears.

This is set to job to a preferred position, we can move that down a little more in the center of the screen. And by just selecting an area of the text, I can change the font style. I can change the point size of just the area that we have selected here. If want to even go back in and change the pin color. If I want this to be bold, italics, or underlined; just the area that I want to edit. So you have a lot of control here within the text tool and how you want to edit text within ArchiCAD.

Remember just like objects and other components here in the software, we have the ability to align this we have control over out text style and settings. And then once you have this set up and defined, you can always come back in here and in the text tool save your favorite types that you can use as favorites for future projects.

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