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Advanced Computational Design in Dynamo

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More Than One Panel Type on a Facade - Part 1

19m 47s

In this course, Brian DeYoung from SOM will show you some advanced techniques for computational design in Dynamo for Revit.

First you will learn the basics of how to produce computational designs in Dynamo and how to use Dynamo to create practical elements such as levels, views, and sheets. Then, you will learn how to move what is created in Dynamo into Revit, and how to use Dynamo to manage Revit Elements. Finally you will learn how to use Dynamo to place adaptive components in Revit and to analyze a Revit model. 

When you are done with this course you will know how to use the power of computational design in Dynamo to quickly and expertly create complex projects in Revit. 

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From the course:
Advanced Computational Design in Dynamo

Level 2

Duration: 7h 5m

Author: Brian DeYoung