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Monitoring Staffing

1m 16s

Learn specifics on Project Management with Matt Dumich of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. He’ll walk you through how they handle team communication, cost estimates, and budget. Be taken inside how the firm tracks projects and keeps projects on schedule.

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We're looking at that firm-wide, and then on a project, you're looking at what needs to get done in a given week or in the coming weeks and tracking that, and we're looking at the staffing needs against the staffing budget to make sure that you're meeting your project plan and ultimately becoming profitable. That goes with the project as a whole, you want to track the invoices coming in, and one of my roles is to be issuing invoices and following up to do the project financials, not only for us sending invoices to the client, but also tracking consultant invoices to us, and on some of our larger projects we can have as many as 20 different consulting firms working on a project, so that's an effort in itself to just to the project accounting. Constantly staying on top of that is, obviously, critical to financial health of the project and of the firm as well.

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