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Creating an Interior Scene in Vray for 3ds Max

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Metal Material

2m 52s

In this course, Ramy Hanna from Tilt Pixel will show you how to create a realistic rendering of an interior scene with Vray for 3ds Max.

First you will learn how to bring a floorplan into 3ds Max, model the walls, windows, and millwork from the drawing, and add furniture and decor to the space. Then, you will learn how to do texturing, lighting, and rendering the scene using the basic render settings involved in lighting and materials. Finally you will learn how to take your reder elements from Vray for 3ds Max and bring them into Photoshop for post processing.

When you are done with this course you will know how to model and import elements in 3ds Max, utilize lighting and material render settings in Vray, and touch up your rendering in Photoshop to make it look photorealistic. 

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From the course:
Creating an Interior Scene in Vray for 3ds Max

Level 1

Duration: 3h 45m

Author: Ramy Hanna