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Conceptual & Schematic Design in Rhino 5

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Making an Exploded Axon Diagram in Adobe Illustrator

1m 28s

In this course David Tracy from Gensler will explore tools for making organic geometry and for flattening, unwrapping and translating organic geometry.

First you will learn how to work with Curves, Surfaces and Layers to create geometry in Rhino. Then, you will learn how to use these techniques to build a site plan from a reference image, including the floor, roof, columns, walls, and windows. You will then learn how to modify and deform geometry in Rhino. Finally you will learn how to export your model from Rhino and bring it into another program, such as AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator to edit it further. You will also learn how to use Grasshopper in Rhino to create geometry and orthogonal drawings.

When you are done with this course you will know how to create and manipulate geometry in Rhino, how to apply to an actual site design, and how to bring your finished Rhino model into other design programs.

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From the course:
Conceptual & Schematic Design in Rhino 5

Level 1

Duration: 3h 5m

Author: David Tracy