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Laying out the Building Program

2m 49s

Cooper Pierce of Jones Pierce Architects explains the extensive zoning process for the project Villa De Grip in Atlanta.  He begins by giving the zoning history of the site, and walks through the rezoning process. He also talks about zoning overlays and how local requirements impacted the building design.  

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Then up on the main, this top floor here, we looked at since people would be coming up this same elevator and going in this way and they have these stairs that somewhere in this zone right here because you have a floor this way and the floor this way that this would be the location for those restrooms for that large office floor. And you can bring your pipes over and we get everything consolidated still in this area. With the kitchen here down below, if our restaurant restrooms are in this area, you seem to have everything pretty consolidated and can kind of come out into Copenhill to connect to the utilities.

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