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ARE 5.0 Project Development & Documentation Exam Prep

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Keeping Track of Design Concepts

11m 6s

In this ARE 5.0 NCARB-approved Project Development and Documentation Exam Prep course you will learn about the topics covered in the ARE 5.0 PDD exam division. A complete and comprehensive curriculum, this course will touch on each of the NCARB objectives for the ARE 5.0 Project Development and Documentation Exam.

Instructor Mike Newman will discuss issues related to the development of design concepts, the evaluation of materials and technologies, selection of appropriate construction techniques, and appropriate construction documentation.

When you are done with this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the content covered in the ARE 5.0 Project Development and Documentation Exam including integration of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and specialty systems into overall project design and documentation.

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So you want to be actively seeking multiple stakeholders, who is it that can give you really good information, you don't want to be putting the blinders on just to get the work done, you want to be looking for who needs to be part of that discussion, sometimes it might be a funder or somebody like that, that needs to say, look I know you're thinking this, but in fact we need to see it this way because that's important for how our bank will approve or disapprove a process. If you haven't asked that question, they won't tell you that information and so you just don't know and there you are trying to submit the information and the bank won't approve it because it wasn't done the way that they wanted it done. So in terms of the system for design concepts, for the system for understanding how you're gonna move forward, and keep the designs on track, right you're always looking for all the people that need to have some input be able to give their input, so what's the system for that?

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ARE 5.0 Project Development & Documentation Exam Prep

Duration: 36h 46m

Author: Mike Newman