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Introduction to Digital Fabrication

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Intro to CNC Milling

3m 52s

In this course, Brad Johns from the School of the Art Institute will show you how to use the basic toolsets of Digital Fabrication.

First you will learn what Digital Fabrication is, how it works, and the different types of Digital Fabrication: CNC Milling, 3d Printing, and Laser cutting. Then, you will learn how to prep 2d and 3d models for physical output in software like Rhino 3d, RhinoCam, Adobe Illustrator, Sketchup, and Simplify 3d. Finally you will learn how to use the actual machine hardware, and how to use specialized software to connect to and control the individual machine types. 

When you’re done with this course you will know what is possible with Digital Fabrication toolsets, the basic software and hardware that is involved and how you can use digital fabrication to improve your site modeling and prototyping capabilities. 

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From the course:
Introduction to Digital Fabrication

Duration: 3h 54m

Author: Brad Johns