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Interior Finish Package

2m 34s

Matt Burns of Ed Vance and Associates explains the design development phase of the Two Summerlin Office Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He explains how the neighborhood impacted the building design, as well as the structural system and materials used. He also takes us inside the building and explains the interior finish package.

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And as we go through this package, every single area is elevated with the materials called out on each sheet and this one is here a kind of a restroom, a look of the restroom with again natural stone on the floor, stone countertops, recessed light cove around the mirror, recessed light fixtures, metal trim, and painted walls where there's no wet fixtures So really carries the finishes from the elevator lobbies right into the bathroom, so it gives it one continuous look throughout the building. Because this is a Class A office building, we really gotta have nice materials that will hold up over the normal wear and tear throughout the day so stone, metals, that sort of thing will kinda stand the test of time.

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