How the Desire to Attract Millennials Influenced the Building Design

1m 38s

Luis Ayala of Gensler talks schematic design while walking us through the Administration Office for the Port of Corpus Christi.  While reviewing the site plan he will discuss views, parking considerations, and environmental concerns. He also will show the bubble diagram and building program for this project, as well as the multiple design iterations.

Let me show you what the port looks like today, the office that they had. This is their offices, and as we understand, this has been the fourth largest port in the U.S. They move a lot of goods. It's a multi-billion dollar industry, and the CEO vision is that if we want to attract the most talented people, millennials, a building has to be able to sell your image. A building helps you to bring talented people to work for you, so that is the vision that we address and the client has.

This is their actual building. It's a very old building, and there going to be moving to the new one, so one of the conditions that they ask us is to provide a building that is an icon and an interesting place to work. That is the social aspect. So when we are looking, for instance, at their program, this is the program that the client gave us, if you see here the portion on the first floor, it's an employee wellness.

It's basically a gym. They told us you can move everything, or you can take any program you consider out of this building but the employee wellness has to stay. That is the most important space to attract new people. And also there is a Starbucks on the first floor for bringing people from the exterior, and then, again, in social interaction in the building.

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