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STUDIO 111 - Technology Company Headquarters

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How the Clients Goals Impacted the Structural System


Scott Parker of Studio 111 takes us through the schematic design and design development phases of a technology company headquarters.  He’ll talk about the challenges they faced with the structural system as well as the local area. Additionally he will talk through the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems used.

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A moment frame is simply you welded all the pieces of steel together so that they can take all the seismic load, well when we did that, we got these size of columns, they're W44s by 335, and if you haven't looked into the structural or the steel code or steel booklet, it's the largest piece of steel you can buy without going custom, so that's about two and a half inches thick, it's 44 inches by 20, it's the biggest piece of steel you can have and the building was failing so we actually ran this through the simulator at the structural engineers, it fell down every time. So it meant oh my gosh we really need to rethink this. So what we did was we went away from a moment frame, we went to a brace frame system.

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STUDIO 111 - Technology Company Headquarters

Duration: 38m