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ArchiCAD For Beginners

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Editing Roofs

3m 11s

In this course, Josh Bone will show you how to create detailed 3D models in ArchiCAD 20.

First you will learn the basics of ArchiCAD and how to navigate within the software. Then, you will learn how to draw walls, add stories, and place objects, columns & beams. Finally you will learn about documentation within the software and how to place labels, identify sections & elevations, and incorporate external file formats.

When you are done with this course, beginner level users will know how to create a detailed model using the most common authoring tools within the software while still maintaining flexible workflows that allow you to edit and make changes to your models throughout the different design phases. Intermediate level users will learn modeling techniques that improve their productivity within the software.

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So now, once I have this roof setup with this multi-plane roof, I can click on that plane, this roof pivot line, and I can go back in, I can give a curve radius to this, I can go back in, I can click on an edge, and I can push this back out so I can push this back out in this direction, I can go back in to this edge, click once, I can add by hitting the plus sign here, a polygon to this, and if I wanna go back in now and use a rectangular construction method, I can add another piece of roof to that, and if I want to come back here, I can click, I can cut a hole away from that if I need to, I can go back in and I can tell this here that I wanna set this up, I can setup a custom pitch by feet, by inches, or I can turn this into a gable head. And as I turn that to a gable now, setting my offset distance, we can change all that for the project or just in one area, I've now created a roof that is very different from the multi-plane roof. Let's select all this one more time and hit F4 on the Mac, F5 on the Windows machine, and now you'll see that I've changed those.

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ArchiCAD For Beginners

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Duration: 4h 20m

Author: Josh Bone