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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

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Editing Planes Using the Morph Tool

7m 39s

In this course, Josh Bone will demonstrate methods for creating optimized models using ArchiCAD 21.

We will demonstrate methods on how to create granular models that can enable you to extract more views from the model for documentation which will reduce errors and omissions as a byproduct.

When you are done with this course, you'll know how to find ways to leverage the BIM from the early design phases through design into construction.


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If I want to go back in and give this a radius, I can give this a radius, if I want to define a curve, you'll see I can start to create a curve and I can curve that plane now, that I want to adjust this, so we can start to adjust it there, and if we go back, and I go to the curve edge, I can move this, you can just hit E, I'm adjusting this now, it's going in the X plane here, so we're just starting to look at this, you'll see it's moving in that Y plane, and then if I go back in, I hit E, I can now start to adjust this now, which direction is it moving in, so we can tweak that, we can adjust that. Now I'm going in the Z plane, as we wanna change our planes here, so you can see how I want to adjust that or manipulate that, it's something we can do very easily. Now, one of the powerful tools with using the morph tool, in some cases, I just want to go into the morph tool and I want to draw a line to help me reference a space or a shape, and I want to work with the morph tool just creating lines, so if I need to reference an element or a point that I want to work off of, I can just come back in and draw in different directions and create lines that I can reference and use here in the software, so you can see, I've just created a simple line to segment this out, and as I do this now, what this allows me to do is, it can define points so I can rest on other elements and create these lines.

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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

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Duration: 7h 4m

Author: Josh Bone