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Economic Value of Urban Canopies

1m 22s

Paul Bierman-Lytle, a professor at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, walks us through the Dandelion Fountain Enclosure Project his 3rd year Architecture students are working on.  The goal of the project was to provide an enclosure for the notable Dandelion Fountain, as well as optimize the views in the park.  He discusses the site and climate constraints as well as the historical and economic value of the site.

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The only thing I can really add to the quantitative, as I said, was the whole issue of the urban canopy and the value, the economic value, of this forest within the city and if you just drive around Minneapolis every day, you'll pass through urban canopies and this has huge economic impact, yet, seldom do architects take and consider that economic impact or benefit that these urban canopies give to their buildings. For example, a tree sitting next to a building. If it's providing shading to that building, it will actually reduce the heating and cooling loads for that building, so there's energy conservation and savings.

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