Dunwoody College of Technology Introduction by Paul Bierman-Lytle


Paul Bierman-Lytle, a professor at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, walks us through the Dandelion Fountain Enclosure Project his 3rd year Architecture students are working on.  The goal of the project was to provide an enclosure for the notable Dandelion Fountain, as well as optimize the views in the park.  He discusses the site and climate constraints as well as the historical and economic value of the site.

I'm Paul Bierman-Lytle, I'm an adjunct professor at the Dunwoody College of Technology, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The third year students, architecture students, designed an enclosure for our famous dandelion fountain located in Loring Park which is the central park of downtown Minneapolis. And the models behind me and next to me show the scale model of the entire park as well as some of the enclosure models by the students.

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