Determining Zoning Requirements for the Site

2m 6s

Paulina Wilkowski of Connect Architecture takes us through the preliminary and schematic design phase of a Tesla showroom and parking garage.  She will review the site plan and discuss the opportunities and constraints they faced. She will also discuss what attributes need to be added to the site, as well as the building layout.

So with zoning the first thing in Portland that we do, Portland has a really great online resource called Portland Maps where each parcel is linked to a map and you can see all of the jurisdictions, zoning, owner, permits, everything related to that parcel if there's anything out there, it is digitally stored here. So, our site, which is shown right here, outlined in blue, you can start to see that it is in a central commercial zone.

You can then understand that the CX central commercial is linked to a series of requirements that must be met for any development on that site. Now, our use, which is an S use, which is a parking garage, is permitted, but it does have some requirements for zoning like limitation or a minimum amount of ground floor windows, and it has a limitation on how much of the parking garage can be screened if it's enclosed.

So all of that information can be gained through this portal. Site-wise, we are not really looking at wind patterns in this project, or necessarily sun angles, because we're not taking advantage of environmental aspects so, really this project is being defined by the zoning requirements, the program is given by the client, and then the limitations placed on it through the city planning requirements.

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