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Photoshop for Architectural Renderings

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Customizing Windows in Photoshop

5m 40s

In this course, Ramy Hanna will teach you a basic understanding of Photoshop, all the way to using advanced tools such as actions.

First, you will learn the basics of Photoshop starting with setting up various windows and gaining a basic understanding of the tools. Then, you will learn how to add additional elements and blend them into a rendering or photo seamlessly. Finally, you will learn how to manipulate existing photos, and how to remove or add elements with a photo.

When you are done with this course, you'll know how to significantly enhance the color and quality of any photograph, including architectural renderings. There are 2 parts to this course:

Part 1- Exterior Renderings in 3ds Max: You will learn how to take an exterior building model through all the important steps required to create a convincing photo-real rendering.

Part 2- Photoshop for Architectural Renderings: You will learn how to significantly enhance the color and quality of any photograph, including architectural renderings.

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There, so you can see it opened in the traditional Photoshop where it gives me just my background, and the reason I prefer that is if I want to open a file, I can simply just double click on the background and it'll open that file, which is much faster than going to file, open, or clicking on the button, and just double click, and that's something I've become very used to doing. So, from the initial start, you can see this is the layout that Photoshop has, and there's some things that are helpful, there's some things that I do like to customize, and so, I will go through this first portion, just navigating the space and becoming familiar with what are the ways that I like to set up my space. The toolbar on the left, these are the standard tools and you will use these quite a bit.

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From the course:
Photoshop for Architectural Renderings

Level 1

Duration: 3h 26m

Author: Ramy Hanna