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ARE 5.0 Construction & Evaluation Exam Prep Old Content

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Construction Administration - Evaluating Non-Conformance 1

19m 37s

In this ARE 5.0 Construction and Evaluation Exam Prep course you will learn about the topics covered in the ARE 5.0 CE exam division. A complete and comprehensive curriculum, this course will touch on each of the NCARB objectives for the ARE 5.0 Construction and Evaluation Exam.

Instructor Mike Newman will discuss issues related to bidding and negotiation processes, support of the construction process, and evaluation of completed projects.

When you are done with this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the content covered in the ARE 5.0 Construction and Evaluation Exam including construction contract execution, construction support services, payment request processing, and project closeout. 

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So you may have been super speedy and a bunch of phone calls and caught the thing very early and everybody sort of got to a handshake deal, but if it's not in the record somehow, if it's not sort of a clear description of what happened, what decision was made and how that decision got played out, if that doesn't make it into the written record, two, three years from now, nobody's gonna be able to remember that that happened and it's not gonna be there to sort of back you up in terms of, no, no, no, we made sure that this was corrected and here's how we did it, so that down the road, you're not open to problems down the road, or the owner isn't, or the GC isn't. That part of keeping that clear written record is partly about the communication, because presumably you're using it as your communication tool, but also it's partly about looking to the future and your hope is that nobody in the future is ever gonna read that memo, like because why would you ever want anybody to ever see any of that after the project's done? It's just that if they do need to see it, it's a big deal.

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ARE 5.0 Construction & Evaluation Exam Prep Old Content

Duration: 10h 56m

Author: Mike Newman