Conclusion to Complex Geometry in Rhino 5


In this course, David Tracy from the Rockwell Group will teach you how to leverage Rhino’s tools to unravel complex geometry and develop drawings for laser cutting & 3d printing.

First, David will go over an accelerated review of the concepts and tools for conceptual and schematic design for Rhino 5. Then, you will learn how to create complex geometry in Rhino using the Grasshopper plugin, as well as how to bring in a model from Revit and prepare it for fabrication. 

Finally, you will learn how to use the pepekura software to create three dimensional cut outs that can be used to make physical models of your design. 

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From the course:
Architectural Prototyping with Rhino 5 and Grasshopper

Level 2

Duration: 2h 33m

Author: David Tracy