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Changes in Scope of Work and Scope Creep

1m 38s

Jon Hall of GGLO walks through specific examples of Project Management. He’ll show us a project schedule, project work plan, and a construction budget. He will also explain how to handle change in scope and scope creep.

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So oftentimes, a client will come back and ask for more, and it's important to evaluate that, it's important that the whole project team understands what their scope of work is, what they are responsible for, so that if you're in a meeting and a client comes to you and asks for more, to be able to say "Yes, we can absolutely do that, "but it's gonna take this much additional time, "it may take this much additional fee." And that's how we get through that. Scope creep, happens often, when either a client or a contractor will continue to ask for things. It's in our nature, being service professionals to want to please our clients, and so we'll often just keep on working.

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