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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

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Bringing Models Into Solibri

8m 22s

In this course, Josh Bone will demonstrate methods for creating optimized models using ArchiCAD 21.

We will demonstrate methods on how to create granular models that can enable you to extract more views from the model for documentation which will reduce errors and omissions as a byproduct.

When you are done with this course, you'll know how to find ways to leverage the BIM from the early design phases through design into construction.


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And in Solibri I can hold down shift and pan at the same time, just like in ARCHICAD and I can orbit and you will see from here that the geometry is very clean on this import, if I go back here to my model, let's hold down shift and click, I'll select a couple of different elements here, if I wanna select multiple elements at a time I can hold down my command and click and select multiple elements here and I will go ahead right now and I can right click and I can hide or I can go back in and take each of these individual elements and control them in the settings, in the filter options, you can see I can start to hide the elements back here in the navigation pane within Solibri, but I want you to see back here as I hide my first floor end wall and my foundation you will see that geometry is now reflecting even my key and the other information that we set up here is now reflecting back in my model. So my stem wall, all these other elements that we were reflecting are showing up here. So as we hid those, we'll see a high level of granularity in the model, in the detail that's showing up here and all the complex profile details that were created in ARCHICAD export very well from ARCHICAD into Solibri using the correct IFC export process that we just used.

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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

Level 2

Duration: 7h 4m

Author: Josh Bone