Black Spectacles Resource Review

4m 4s

In this course, Josh Bone will demonstrate methods for creating optimized models using ArchiCAD 21.

We will demonstrate methods on how to create granular models that can enable you to extract more views from the model for documentation which will reduce errors and omissions as a byproduct.

When you are done with this course, you'll know how to find ways to leverage the BIM from the early design phases through design into construction.


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We're ready to get started with this training process, but I wanna show you a few ground rules before we begin. We've given you a Black Spectacles Archicad training resource folder. In that folder we've provided you with a lot of information that you're going to be using throughout these different courses we're providing you with. Let's get the lay of the land first. You will find, in the Black Spectacles training folder, a couple of files that you can open up and review to get started and get familiar with. One of the files that we'll be using most frequently is the Black Spectacles Archicad 21 template.

This file is going to be the basis for our early sessions and build on in later sessions through this training course. Be aware that when you open up the Black Spectacles Archicad 21 template that it's going to look for, in the Library Loading Report, the Office Library. In time you should change this office library from "Office Library" to your office specific name. The way that this works, in Archicad, is if we go into the Black Spectacles Archicad 21 training template, you go into the File pull down menu, under the Library Manager, you will see the Office Library.

It's important that you load the Office Library for the worksheets and other content that we'll be using throughout these training sessions. If you do not have the Office Library, what you have the ability of doing is going into the Office Library. I'm going to remove this right now, and then if I go back here, under File, Library Manager, and from this window we want to go click Add.

I'm gonna go out to the desktop where I have my Black Spectacles training folder. Then I'm going to locate the Office Library, at the folder level. I don't want to load these individually. I want to load the Office Library folder. This can be the basis for all of you moving forward to create your own folders, and have your own office specific tools, parts, and pieces that you use in Archicad. So from here I'll hit Choose.

It will load our Office Library, and we will click Okay. Once you load the Office Library, you'll see that if you go back under the window pull down menu, and you go under Palettes, and you go from Palettes to your Library Loading report, this is what you should see: "Library Loading report, all library parts were loaded successfully." If you are missing that, you need to make sure that again, you have loaded into your project, the file "Library Manager", that you're loading the Archicad 21 library, the office library, as well as the Archicad Migration library folder.

That can be found, if I remove that here, under Add. If we go to your Applications folder, and we go to Graphisoft, under Archicad 21, you will find the Archicad migration libraries. And, by loading that folder, it will load in previous versions of Archicad, and if we hit Choose and we hit Okay, everything should load properly on your end with no library loading report.

One thing you can do to quickly check is go to your Project Map, under Worksheets, and under Detail Parts, and if you don't see any dots here in these Detail Parts and Pieces that are showing, then that tells you that your libraries are loading correctly.

So, back here in Plan, this is our view. There's a number of elements setup in here under your Favorites. So you can just click on the Wall Tool. There's an arrow that pops out, it shows you're at the Wall Favorites that we've setup for you here in the template. You have a number of worksheets which we'll explain in later sessions. You have views that are already preset. We'll talk about these in detail moving forward. You have your layout sheets already preset. This is a great basis for any level of user to start moving forward with Archicad.

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ArchiCAD Intermediate Level Training

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