Benefits of Utilizing Post-Tensioned Slabs

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Laura Crane of bKL Architecture takes you inside Parcel O in Chicago - a mixed use project of residential and commercial use. She’ll cover everything from schematic design and design development to how the client and existing buildings influenced and affected the building’s design.

For this mixed-use project, we utilized post-tensioned slabs. That is because it enables us to span the furthest. When you have programs stacked on top of each other to avoid any inefficiencies, post-tensioned slabs really help us out. So with the longer spans that you get, we base the column spacing on parking stall widths that we can fit in between, as well as drive aisles below. So we continue the structure from the parking layout and the podium, through the rest of the tower.

And we also size it based on hotel key, bay sizes, and then as well as fitting in of residential units. Another benefit of utilizing a post-tensioned slab, we're able to maintain between eight and nine inch slab thickness. It doesn't need to be fireproof because it is non-combustible. And this reduces the total surface area of the building, keeping this economical, structural solution for our owner.

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