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Back of the EIFS Wall

1m 6s

Sara Beardsley of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill takes you inside the Willow Creek Community Church, a 72,000 square foot worship facility in Illinois. She’ll walk you through how the team is using EIFS amongst other specifics. Watch along as animations bring her explanations of joists, trusses, and columns to life.   

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We're looking at the back side of the assembly for the EIFS wall, it's our exterior wall here, and you can see we've got the green board for the sheathing, and it's always important when you see that bright green, or some companies make it in yellow, you can see the bright color means exterior grade sheathing. It has some fiberglass in it, and it's more weather resistant than the interior grade drywall. And then we've got our batt insulation and our metal studs, and then there's going to be another layer of drywall to complete the assembly.

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