Ankrom Moisan Introduction by Sean Newberry


Sean Newberry of Ankrom Moisan Architects in Portland gives you a deep dive on how the Worldmark by Wyndham Angels Camp is being updated to meet ADA code. She’ll talk accessibility requirements, environmental constraints, documentation, and detailing. Even get an explanation of the code requirements throughout the whole site as well as individual units.

My name is Sean Newberry and I work at Ankrom Moisan Architects. I work at our Portland office, but we also have an office in Seattle and San Francisco. We specialize in what we like to joke are buildings with beds. We do a lot of hospitality, we do healthcare, we do senior housing as well as student housing. Today I'm gonna be talking about a project that I did for a client we work with pretty frequently that focuses on upgrading an existing dwelling unit to meet the 2010 Americans With Disabilities Act codes that we have today.

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