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In this course, David Tracy will teach you how to use the Python programming language with Rhino to automate tasks, create complex forms, and simulate physical phenomena. This course will serve as a gentle introduction to programming to unlock capabilities for generative computational design with Rhino, Python, and Grasshopper.

First, you will be introduced to the core concepts of using Python in Rhino, such as drawing shapes with code, transformation, and variables. Then you will learn how to use classes and object oriented programming. Finally, you will learn how to integrate Grasshopper into your Python and Rhino workflow.

When we’re done, you will understand the core concepts of programming with Python, be able to author your own scripts, and create custom components in Grasshopper.

In this course, you will learn techniques for developing Grasshopper definitions that can be easily shared and reused.  Along the way, you'll build a randomly spaced screen for a building facade.

Don begins with Grouping, Naming and general organization techniques. As you build the definition, you will learn how to utilize the Python Component to dramatically simplify your definition.  Finally, you'll learn the basics of using Hoopsnake to perform looping- a common Grasshopper operation that usually creates a serious mess in your definition- Don will show you how Hoopsnake cleans this mess all up.

When you're done, you'll have learned a variety of collaborative techniques for extending the utility of your Grasshopper definitions- and you'll build a definition that generates a patterened screen.

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