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This Course will take you through an entire production process to create stunning architectural renderings, from start to finish.  When you are finished you will create a photo-realistic rendering of the interior of a house.  There are 3 parts to this course: 

Part 1- Building a 3d Model in Sketchup: You will gain an understanding of the basics of Sketchup and how to take 2d CAD drawings and build a finished 3d model.  Then you will cover strategies for how to utilize materials and cameras so that you can leverage them in 3ds Max Design.

Part 2- Materials, Lighting & Rendering in 3ds Max Design: You will import the fully textured Sketchup model into 3ds Max Design and set up materials, lights and produce a final rendering.  You will also produce ambient occlusion and Z-depth renderings for use in post production.  

Part 3- Post Production in Photoshop or After Effects: Ramy will show you how to bring these renderings into either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Photoshop for post production to finalize your Rendering.  In both tools he will show you how to create effects such as Lens Flare, Vignetting, Depth of Field and Unsharpen Mask.

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