ARE 5.0 Prep Coaching Program


Feeling lost on the path to licensure? Feel like you’re ready to give up on the ARE? The Black Spectacles Group Coaching Program aims to give you structure & support from a recently licensed coach while placing you in a group of hand-picked individuals who are just as dedicated as you are to completing this goal.


You’ll find yourself immersed in a dedicated, coach-led study group with other serious exam candidates who have committed to studying and taking each exam at the same time & pace as you. In each group you’ll get:

Support so you’ll always have a go-to guide:

  • A carefully selected, devoted coach who recently passed the exam will serve as your reliable resource whenever you have questions.
  • The Black Spectacles Product Team is always available for assistance or advice.

Community of individuals who are in the same boat and are there to cheer you on:

  • Each candidate is hand-picked for the best support network possible. Everyone enrolled in the program is dedicated to achieving licensure and also want to help you in reaching your goal.
  • A Slack Channel will enable you to talk anytime to not only your study group members, but everyone in the coaching program, so you have round-the-clock cheerleaders.

Structure to help you stay on-track to confidently take the exams through:

  • A tailor-made study syllabus that includes a day by day suggestion of what to review.
  • Virtual meetings so you can study anywhere and anytime.


The Coaching Program is designed to be a supplement to your Black Spectacles subscription. You will have the freedom to study when it’s best for you but have the knowledge that you’ll always have a whole community supporting & helping you. We've got your back!






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Do I qualify?

  • Must be eligable to take the ARE
  • Have not taken any ARE 5.0 exams yet

How much does it cost? 

  • $329 a month for 6 months - includes the required access to our ARE 5.0 Pro Subscription  ($179/month value)
  • Save 15% by paying for the full program upfront

How long is the program

  • 24-week pace: you take one exam every 4 weeks, with 2 group meetings per month 


  • 48-week pace: you take one exam every 8 weeks, with 1 group meeting per month

How do I apply? 

  • Fill out the application provided in the links below
  • There is a $10 application fee
  • Accepted applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview time with our Program Coordinator


Apply now for groups starting: 

February 23, 2018 (Applications closed)

June 29, 2018 applications open June 4  (join the waitlist)     

October 26, 2018 applications open October 1 (join the waitlist)


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