Help Your Students Focus on Learning Design in School.

The only NCARB Approved test prep provider for all 6 divisions of the ARE 5.0

Let's be honest - there is way too much to learn in architecture school, but one thing is for sure, the focus of architecture school is to learn design.

The trouble is that after studio and all of the other subjects, most schools barely have any time left to teach students the software skills they need to do their design work. Which leads to some interesting results...

Black Spectacles Academic Memberships can help your students and faculty learn the software skills they need, on their own schedule, so when they are in school they can focus on learning design. Our video tutorials are taught by practicing architects at firms like SOM, Gensler & more- so you know they're learning from the best.

And now that young professionals can take the ARE® right after they get out of school, your academic license can provide access to our ARE Prep tutorials.

You can feel confident that your young professionals are learning precisely what they should know about the ARE, since our ARE 5.0 PcM, PA, PPD, and PDD study materials are the first-ever to be approved by NCARB!

Your academic license can either provide access to our software tutorials, ARE prep tutorials, or both. We can customize your access, so please get in touch using the form below and we will get busy building your academic license.

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