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Black Spectacles Firm Membership

It’s the most effective way to help candidates at your firm pass the ARE.

As the only ARE test prep provider to be NCARB approved for all 6 divisions of the ARE 5.0, feel confident your staff has access to the most comprehensive and valuable materials on the market.

What You Get

  • Virtual Workshops - Your staff will gain clarity and assurance with key concepts in a live video format, honing skills with in-depth, targeted group exercises guided by a licensed architect. Running in a four week cycle every Sunday for 2 hours, these activities focus on the top four topics candidates struggle with the most. Our workshops include time for a Q&A with a licensed architect to reinforce and personalize the topics reviewed in that week’s virtual session.
  • Practice Exams - Candidates graduate to expert test taker status, accruing comfort and familiarity with the test format and case studies. Our practice exams simulate the look, feel and time constraints of the real exam and include 3 distinct forms to practice from, so there aren't any surprises on test day. Using the same process as NCARB to design our ARE® practice questions, they are developed and vetted by test question experts.
  • Flashcards - Your staff will be well versed in the most important concepts with our library of key terms at their fingertips. Our focused set of flashcards allow candidates to memorize relevant content, words and objectives with each card linking to a video lecture for further explanation. In tracking progress, candidates can shuffle the deck, mark flashcards as mastered, and create their own.
  • Video Lectures - Candidates get a comprehensive lesson with full outlines and explanations of core topics in each division, led by veteran architect Mike Newman - one of the most engaging and informative instructors in the biz. We have over 120 hours of video lectures, all built in alignment with NCARB’s exam objectives.

Why Black Spectacles

Out of the box tool for your employees, pay and everyone gets access to world class ARE prep materials.

Efficient - More value compared to reimbursement programs with less administrative work.

Successful - Candidates who use Black Spectacles report a greater pass rate than NCARB’s national average. 

Intuitive - The dashboard is streamlined for individual use, is available whenever and wherever with an internet connection, and administrators can easily log on to check progress.


How Does The Firm License Work?


Software Learning

Get projects done faster. And Better. Our Software Learning tutorials are taught by practicing architects, not trainers, working at some of the best firms in the world, so your staff can sharpen their skills and learn relevant shortcuts which they can apply immediately to their own work and be more productive in the office.

To learn more and schedule a trial, please provide the following information. We will be in touch within one business day.


Testimonial: Alexander Huseman
Alexander Huseman
Architectural Designer, KPF
Testimonial: Ann Peters
Ann Peters
Learning + Development Mgr, Senior Associate, Perkins + Will
Testimonial: Lauren Coles
Lauren Coles
Project Manager, Associate, CO Architects

“It made my job easier because I was continually being asked, ‘Can you provide something?’ Now I can say ‘Yes, we are providing something’ and it’s something that is very welcome. Being able to have a program like this is gives our staff what they need.”

Gene Corrigan
Vice President, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Leo A Daly

“Black Spectacles is tailored to our specific firm size, to my departmental budget, and truly to the needs of this company. That was very refreshing. I found that Black Spectacles listened to the needs we had and were able to come up with a solution that benefited both parties.”

Kim Aguilar Gregor
Manager of Library and Archival Services, GGLO
Testimonial: Michael Archer
Michael Archer
Architect, SOM
Testimonial: Gene Corrigan
Gene Corrigan
Vice President, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Leo A Daly
Testimonial: Kim Aguilar Gregor
Kim Aguilar Gregor
Manager of Library and Archival Services, GGLO