Help Your Staff Get Licensed & Do Better Work

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Help Your Staff Get Licensed & Do Better Work

You want your staff to get licensed & you want them to maximize their productivity.

We've built a library of video tutorials to help architects learn design software & prepare to take the ARE®. Our Software Learning tutorials are taught by practicing architects working on some of the most sophisticated projects in the world.

Benefits to your firm:

  • Get your projects done faster. And better. With our Software Learning tutorials, your staff will learn from practicing architects, not trainers, working at some of the best firms in the world, so they can sharpen their skills and learn relevant shortcuts they can apply immediately to their own work and be more productive in the office.
  • Get your staff licensed faster. Our ARE Prep tutorials include a complete and comprehensive curriculum for ARE 5.0. No more taking turns with ARE books. Get your staff licensed faster by preparing on their own schedule. You can be confident that your staff is learning what they need to know for the exam since our ARE 5.0 PPD and PDD study materials are the first-ever to be approved by NCARB!
  • Staff can learn on their own time. Everything is available on-demand through personalized logins. The video tutorials are available on any device with an internet connection, so your staff can learn at home, in the office, or during their commute.
  • Incredible quality, flexibility and value. Our online learning platform offers high quality learning and schedule flexibility, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional learning methods. With a Black Spectacles Business License, you can offer over 1,000 software and/or ARE prep tutorials to your entire staff for the cost of one traditional off-site workshop.

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