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Everything AND the Kitchen Sink: A Building Systems Mock Exam

Episode 16

November 12, 2015


In this episode of ARE Live, Marc Teer and Mike Newman review the answers to the Building Systems Mock Exam in this episode of ARE Live. This episode will help you recognize the different systems and the factors that go into choosing the right one for the project, and it will also help you…

How to Pass the ARE (From People Who’ve Actually Done it!)

Episode 15

October 23, 2015


In this episode of ARE Live, Marc Teer and Mike Newman welcome architects Charlie Klecha from Quinn Evans in Detroit, Jennifer Rittler from Moody Nolan in Columbus, and Josh Mings from Landon Bone Baker in Chicago. What do all of these architects have in common? They have all taken the ARE…

What Does “Stiff vs. Soup” Mean and Why is it Important? A Structural Systems Mock Exam

Episode 14

September 24, 2015


The Structural Systems Exam can be a very broad ranging one that covers a lot of diverse topics. In this episode of ARE Live Mike Newman discusses 10 sample questions (and one bonus question!) from our Structural Systems Mock Exam covering topics such as Slump Tests, Earthquake Damage, and…

The Devil You Know: A Question and Answer Session with Mike Newman

Episode 13

August 27, 2015


Are you worried about the switch from ARE 4.0 to 5.0? You shouldn’t be! In this episode of ARE Live, Mike Newman tells you why the switch from 4.0 to 5.0 isn’t as bad as it seems. He will also be answering questions submitted by you, the listeners, and discussing a set of diverse topics…

Translating into Engineer Speak: A Structural Systems Mock Exam

Episode 12

July 30, 2015


How do you build a hospital so it can withstand an earthquake? How do you calculate axial loading bearing capacity? How do you draw out a shear moment diagram? Find out in this episode, the Structural Systems Mock Exam featuring Mike Newman and Heather Heidenreich.  You can download this…

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