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ARE Live: Sneak Peek at Mike’s A’19 Presentation: Know Your Contracts

May 28, 2019, 12:00pm CST / 60 minutes, Register Now

Project Management Mock Exam - 2018 | ARE Live

Episode 48

November 15, 2018


Join us as we discuss Project Management with Mike Newman. Using a mock exam, we’ll cover all of the most perplexing and difficult topics in this division of the ARE. 

With these practice questions, we will explore issues related to resource management, project work planning, project…

Combating Test Anxiety | ARE Live

Episode 47

October 30, 2018


In this episode we sit down with one of our Black Spectacles ARE Prep Coaches and a psychology expert to discuss what test anxiety is, how managing it can improve your exam scores, and specific ways to help overcome it. We’ll be asking for your input on what you’ve found makes you nervous…

Understanding Structures | ARE Live

Episode 46

September 11, 2018


Check out this ARE Live Podcast to learn everything you need to know about structures when you take the ARE.

Mike Newman and Ji Moon, a structural engineer and architect, discuss the structural formulas and concepts you’ll see on the ARE. They’ll review a few different mock exam questions…

Navigating Practice Management | ARE Live

Episode 45

July 11, 2018


Check out this ARE Live Podcast to learn everything you need to know about practice management when you take the ARE.

Join Heather Rivera, our resident architect, and Mike Newman who will be discussing creating a team, ethics, standard of care, and everything else you should know about the…

Top 10 Tips for Passing ARE 5.0 | ARE Live

Episode 44

June 6, 2018


Check out this ARE Live Podcast episode to learn the best study strategies and test taking tips to pass the ARE 5.0.

Mike Newman will show you what you can expect to see on the 5.0 exam. You’ll also learn the best strategies for answering each new question type, and we’ll even use one of…

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