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ARE Live: Sneak Peek at Mike’s A’19 Presentation: Know Your Contracts

May 28, 2019, 12:00pm CST / 60 minutes, Register Now

Navigating the Case Studies | ARE Live

Episode 43

May 9, 2018


Join us for this free podcast as we discuss the ARE case studies with Mike Newman. Using a mock case study, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this new section on the exam so you’ll have a game plan to complete the case studies before time expires during the real exam.


Steps to Getting Licensed | ARE Live

Episode 42

April 11, 2018


With different requirements in each state, it’s no secret that there’s a lot to consider on your path to licensure.

Check out this ARE Live Podcast episode to shore up your understanding of the steps to getting licensed. We’ll be live with two licensing advisors showing you what the…

Navigating Contracts | ARE Live

Episode 41

March 6, 2018


Join us as we discuss the contracts and legal issues that you’ll need to be familiar with when you take the ARE.

Hear from Mike Newman and Attorney Mike Hanahan, Partner at Schiff Hardin and UIC Adjunct Professor (in charge of the famous Schiff Hardin lectures). He is regularly involved in…

Getting Licensed As A Parent | ARE Live

Episode 40

February 21, 2018


Are you trying to balance preparing for your exams and parenthood? Then you’ll want to join us and our panel of licensed architects who found time to study for the exam and made sure their kids didn’t miss a meal.

You’ll learn some of their best tips and study strategies, discover their…

How To Tackle The Vignettes | ARE Live

Episode 39

January 30, 2018


Using a few mock vignettes, we cover everything you need to know so you’ll have a game plan when you take on this section on the real exam.

You'll also learn the best strategies for approaching and executing the vignettes section so you can feel comfortable demonstrating your understanding…

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