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ARE Live: Panel Discussion on New ARE Format

March 18, 2021, 12:00pm CST / 60 minutes, Register Now

ARE Live: PDD Virtual Workshop Preview

Episode 75

February 25, 2021


Join us as we run through an exercise from one of our Virtual Workshops with Mark Bailey. He’ll go through PDD’s "Selecting Rated Assemblies Based on Building Type, Site & Life Safety" exercise. This is a great opportunity to see how hands-on and in-depth our Virtual Workshops are!

ARE Live: Construction & Evaluation Mock Exam 2021

Episode 74

January 21, 2021


Review some of the most important concepts with Construction & Evaluation, and get some extra practice exam questions as we review a mock exam with Mike Newman. We’ll go through about five questions that cover CE knowledge and skills related to bidding and negotiation processes, support of…

ARE Live: Study Strategies for Passing the ARE

Episode 73

December 17, 2020


We are speaking with a learning expert on the best study tactics and strategies to help you pass the ARE. While focusing on the content and material is important, making sure you’re using the right methods and motives to retain that information is a really vital component to your studies.…

ARE Live: Practice Management Virtual Workshop Exercise

Episode 72

November 12, 2020


Find out why our weekly Virtual Workshops are getting a 9/10 rating! We'll feature one of our in-depth, group exercises from our PcM Virtual Workshop led by Coach Paul during ARE Live so you can experience what they're about, and get some bonus studying in (fist pump). 

ARE Live: Project Development & Documentation Mock Exam

Episode 71

October 15, 2020


Resident expert Mike Newman guides us through a Project Development & Documentation mock exam. We will cover PDD knowledge and skills relating to building materials, building systems, detailing and documentation, project specifications, and adhering to code requirements. Extra studying for…

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