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ARE Live: How to Pass the ARE During Stressful Times

Episode 70

September 17, 2020


We will hear from a panel of architects who passed the ARE during some stressful times in their lives. They’ll give good insight into how to stay focused, how to carve out time to study, how to overcome exam day jitters and how they ultimately completed all the divisions. This will be…

ARE Live: PPD Virtual Workshop Exercise 2020

Episode 69

August 14, 2020


Get to know what our Virtual Workshops are all about! We'll feature one of our group exercises for the PPD exam led by our Virtual Workshop coach so you get a variety of practice and preparation for test day. Be sure to go through the exercise and accompanying questions, then follow along…

ARE Live: Programming & Analysis Mock Exam 2020

Episode 68

July 17, 2020


Join Black Spectacles and ARE expert Mike Newman as we review a Programming & Analysis mock exam. Touching on development knowledge and skills relating to architectural programming, environmental, social, and economic issues, as well as codes and regulations, you’ll be the pro when we’re…

ARE Live: Project Planning & Design Mock Exam 2020

Episode 67

June 19, 2020


We will use a mock exam to cover Project Planning & Design issues relating to the generation or evaluation of design alternatives that synthesize environmental, cultural, behavioral, technical and economic issues.

Take the mock exam here -…

ARE Live: Project Management Mock Exam 2020

Episode 66

May 21, 2020


Join Black Spectacles and architect Mike Newman for our Project Management mock exam. With these practice questions, we will explore issues related to resource management, project work planning, project execution, and project quality control. 

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