Black Spectacles Firm Membership Guarantee

Satisfaction or your money back

Firms that offer Black Spectacles as a resource see higher pass rates among their staff than the NCARB national averages. Now, we’re putting our money where our mouth is to offer a money-back guarantee!

Membership Pricing

Black Spectacles Firm Expert* Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with Black Spectacles or you can cancel and receive your investment back within 90 days.

Qualifications and Conditions:

  • The Guarantee must be included on your Expert-level firm subscription documents
  • You have paid upfront for the contract
  • Within 90 days from the start of access, a minimum of 2 candidates will need to meet the following usage criteria and have tested for their respective division:
    • Attend 3 virtual workshops in a 4 week period for the division
    • Watch 100% of video lectures
    • Master 100% of the flashcards
    • Score 80% or better on a practice exam
    • Submit NCARB scorecard upon reporting exam pass/fails on their Black Spectacles dashboard

Call Your Black Spectacles Account Manager to claim a guarantee.

* Guarantee applies to new Expert-level firm memberships. For members signed up with an individual subscription, learn more about the Individual Expert Subscription Guarantee.