Rhino to Revit Interoperability

portrait, Jake Gay

Jake Gay

Level 2

1h 37m

In this Rhino to Revit Interoperability course Jake will show you how to develop geometry in Rhino, and with the help of a few Grasshopper Plugins, translate that geometry into live, functional Revit geometry. 

Jake begins by explaining when it makes the most sense to keep your geometry in Revit & when it makes the most sense to work in Rhino, and use these translation techniques.  Then, you will build the floors & columns of a slanted tower in Rhino & learn how to use Hummingbird to translate that geometry into Revit floors & columns.  Finally,  you will learn how to use Chameleon & Lunchbox to panelize a curtain wall facade in Rhino, and get that geometry into Revit as live adaptive component familes.

When you are done you will have built a tower with complex geometry, and translated it all from Rhino to native Revit geometry.

You can download these free plugins here:





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Chapter 1: Basic Massing & Surface Translation from Rhino to Revit (19m 29s)

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Chapter 2: Floors in Rhino to Revit (16m 19s)

Course Videos
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