Introduction to Parametric Design in Grasshopper for Rhino

portrait, Don Semple

Don Semple

Level 1


Whether it is referred to as Parametric Design, Generative Modeling, or Computational Design- architects and designers are working quicker and making wildly complex patterns with the use of Grasshopper for Rhino.  This free plugin to Rhino affords designers unprecedented control over the inputs of the geometry they create, and offers this control in a simple user interface.

In this course, Don will introduce you to Parametric Design in Grasshopper for Rhino.  He starts with an overview of the software & discusses the difference between modeling using generative inputs and the traditional, command line approach.  Then, Don walks through a curtain wall frit pattern he developed using Grasshopper- and shows you in-progress construction photos of the Federal Office Building in Miramar, Florida- designed by his firm, Krueck & Sexton.  Finally, you will build your own Grasshopper definition from scratch.  Your definition will generate the same fritt pattern from Don's Case Study, and you will learn some basic ways to quickly develop pattern variations from it.

When you are finished, you will have a basic understanding of what Parametric Design is, how Grasshopper works, and how you can use it on a real project.

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