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Why Black Spectacles?

Come shape the next generation of architects with us!

Want to help make the world a safer, more sustainable and more creative place? It may sound like a lofty goal, but that's exactly what we're doing at Black Spectacles. Our platform attracts architects around the world who want to push the limits of their industry. Our content - which includes podcasts, design tutorials and exam prep - helps architects keep pace with emerging technologies and software so they can do their best work.

Black Spectacles is a young, fast-growing company. To keep that momentum going strong, we're expanding our team of enthusiastic go-getters.

What We're Like

Why Work Here?

Because you dream of walking into work every day feeling like your work matters. Because you'd rather execute your ideas instead of running them by your manager's manager's boss. Because you're ready to take your career to the next level - and maybe several levels beyond that. Because you want a job that provides you the opportunity to have a real impact on the future success of others.

Who we look for

Micromanaging is not our thing. Your output is more important than how many hours you spend in the office. We look for self-starters who take ownership of their work, set high standards for themselves and aren't afraid to ask questions. A great fit for us is someone who's curious, loves to learn and strives to make the world a better place in his or her own way. The members of our team have an appreciation for design, technology and content in all its beautiful forms.