Twitter and Architects

Marc Teer

March 30, 2011

Twitter and Architects

Why you should be active on Twitter

I have been working to launch Black Spectacles for a few months now, preparing the blog and a social media presence, so that you can find Black Spectacles where ever you like. Wordpress,FacebookYoutubeFlickrLinkedin, and Twitter. I had to make a Twitter account, and frankly I didn't know what to use it for. I was one of those people who thought Twitter was for people who needed to tell the world when they had to pee.  And I'm pretty sure that I wasn't alone- I don't know one Architect who is using Twitter. But, after a similarly skeptical-architect-friend attended Hoply's grand-opening party in November and got cornered by some social media guru, he straightened me all out, and now I LOVE Twitter.

He explained that on Twitter you can follow people, groups, and companies that you are interested in, and in doing so, you essentially create a personalized magazine. In the past 3 months as a Twitter virgin, I have found hundreds of useful, funny, and thoughtful articles on various topics- from what's going on in digital design technology, to social media and start-up strategies- stuff that I'M interested in.

One other story- when the Egyptian uprising was happening, I heard that the protesters were using Twitter to organize themselves. So one day on the "L", I was scrolling through my twitter feed and I saw a hashtag (#jan25) for the Egyptian movement. I was new to hastags, but knew that using the # sign in front of a word, would auto-sort your tweet under that word. So I clicked on #jan25, and found a stream of hundreds of tweets from people IN Egypt. In one click I was transported from quietly sitting on the L in my nicely pressed dress shirt, thinking, "I wonder what's going on in Egypt" to reading 5 minute old tweets from people who were watching their friends dodge bullets.

I have learned that Twitter truly is a revolutionary way to communicate.  Along the way, I have found this powerful info-graphic showing the evolution of the #jan25 hashtag as events unfolded in Egypt.

Image and Video Credits:
André PanissonComputer Science Department of the University of TurinThe ISI Foundation in Turin and The Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research of Indiana University

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