Super Simple Podcast: How HKS Used Technology - and Climate - to Design the New Home of the LA Rams

Marc Teer

October 11, 2016

Super Simple Podcast: How HKS Used Technology - and Climate - to Design the New Home of the LA Rams

A Black Spectacles podcast exploring the space between technology and design.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 12pm CST 60 minutes.

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The Black Spectacles Super Simple Podcast explores how some of the best architects in the world are using technology to empower world-class design.

In episode 3, Black Spectacles founder, Marc Teer interviews Heath May, Director of HKS Line (Laboratory for INtensive Exploration) about the new LA Rams stadium.

HKS LINE is a studio that operates as a research and design team, cross-pollinating design thinking across all sectors and industries. An architect with 12 years of experience, Heath and his design team are currently focused on r+d and the application of this research to the built environment. In April of 2013, he was named recipient of Building Design + Construction’s 40 under 40.  Heath currently serves on the Advisory Board at the PACCAR Technology Institute at the University of North Texas and holds a position on the Executive Committee of the HKS Global Design Council.

The 3.1 million-square-foot multipurpose venue — located at the site of the previous Hollywood Park Race Track — is being designed by HKS Sports & Entertainment Group. The unique climate, characteristics and culture of Southern California and Los Angeles are the foundation of the stadium’s design. A transparent ETFE canopy covering nearly 19 acres was developed to maximize flexibility while maintaining an outdoor feeling. The form was driven by a number of factors, including air movement, local geographic features, site elements and overall integration into the district. Under this canopy, all sides of the building remain open-air, allowing natural breezes to pass through the venue and encouraging all the public spaces to take advantage of the indoor/outdoor experiences common to the region and lifestyle of Southern Californians.

Join Marc and Heath as they walk through the design process and technology that led to the creation of this innovative design.

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Photo courtesy of HKS.

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