Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper & Rhino Tutorials

Marc Teer

July 12, 2012

Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper & Rhino Tutorials

Introduction to Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper  by Daniel Segraves is our first in our upcoming series of rhinoscripting tutorialsgrasshopper tutorials & rhino tutorials.

This 1 hour course covers the basics of Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper.  Daniel demonstrates tools & techniques like variable types, loops & conditionals- allowing you to create your own custom components in Grasshopper.  

For those of you who are new to Grasshopper remember that its a free plugin to Rhino, so if you have a license to Rhino all you have to do is download Grasshopper & install it on your machine.

Daniel notes that scripting allows you to have more control of geometry & iterations of geometry by giving you more functions like looping & iterations.  He says its really important if you are doing optimization, relaxation or any type of physics when you have to iterate through a change many, many times.  He also says that learning rhinoscripting goes hand in hand with learning grasshopper becuase they both have strengths and once you know them both you can easily move between the tools to work as effectively as possible.

Check out the first 2 free videos to get a taste, and sign up to gain access to the entire course!

Here's the course outline:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Script Structure

  • VB Component & the Script Editor
  • Handling Errors in Rhinoscripting
  • Input & Output Data Types
  • Custom Variables in the Script Editor
  • Making a Loop
  • Incorporating a Conditional

3.0 Manipulating Geometry in Rhino w/your VB Component

  • Geometric Translations
  • Geometric Loops
  • Rhino Common SDK: Rhino Geometry Namespace

4.0 Arrays

  • Arrays
  • Rectangular Arrays
  • Conclusion- Introduction to Rhinoscripting in Grasshopper


July 12, 2012

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