The Black Spectacles Ultimate Resource Guide on How to Be an Architect

Marc Teer

October 06, 2016

The Black Spectacles Ultimate Resource Guide on How to Be an Architect

We've got everything you need to know right here. 

In order to call yourself an architect, you must become licensed. To get your license, you must do 4 things: get an architecture degree, complete the Architectural Experience Program - AXP (formerly the Intern Development Program - IDP), pass the Architect Registration Exam (ARE), and finally, get your license and NCARB certification.

We’ve compiled the ultimate resource guide on how to be an architect with links to the sites you need to review in order to reach your goal of becoming a licensed architect.

1.) Getting an Architecture Degree

Make sure you know the architecture education requirements and benefits to attending a NAAB accredited school when choosing a program.

View a listing of the over 150 NAAB-accredited programs available at 123 institutions.

2.) The Architectural Experience Program - AXP (formerly the Intern Development Program -IDP)

An overview of and requirements for the Architectural Experience Program (AXP).

Find your local AIA Chapter and utilize the resources they have available to find an internship and a mentor.

Just 5 examples of architecture firms that offer great summer architecture internship programs:

The 10 qualities you should look for in an architect mentor.

3.) Take and Pass the Architect Registration Exam - ARE

The history of the ARE and the changes you can expect in late 2016.

8 things you need to know before taking the ARE.

Tips and study strategies to pass the ARE.

Tools and resources to help you study for the ARE:

4.) Get Your Architecture License

Apply for an initial architecture license from your state.

Get your NCARB certification through your NCARB Record online.

In order to keep your license, review and meet your state’s Mandatory Architecture Continuing Education (MCE) requirements.

Resources for earning credits:

And finally, a special bonus:
Tips for getting your license faster.

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