Kate Brennan

January 06, 2021

Pass the ARE. We guarantee it.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is.

For the first time ever, Black Spectacles is guaranteeing if you use our Expert membership to the fullest, you’ll pass the ARE! We analyzed, researched and measured performance from existing users and have settled on what work you as a candidate have to put in to ensure you’ll pass the ARE. If you do all of this, and you don’t pass, we’ll call NCARB and give you a seat credit to use towards your retake, because we still have faith in you.

Do you want to start the year out with a guaranteed victory? To be eligible, you must have access to our Expert membership and fulfill the following:

The Black Spectacles benchmarks to hit for each division 

  • Attend 3 virtual workshops in a 4 week period for the division 
  • Watch 100% of video lectures 
  • Master 100% of the flashcards
  • Score 80% or better on a practice exam

Terms of the deal

  • Eligibility for NCARB exam
  • Make your claim within 30 days from being informed of fail
    • Submit NCARB report for proof of fail within claim period
  • Report all pass/fails on your dashboard along with scheduled exam dates
  • Apply the guarantee to the retake of the section in which you’ve met all benchmarks and did not pass your exam

Read up on how you can qualify for our guarantee, and learn more about our Expert membership.

Do the work, and get rewarded - it’s as simple as that.

Black Spectacles Practice Exams Align with NCARB’s ARE Updates

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