Introducing the Super Simple Podcast

Marc Teer

May 03, 2016

Introducing the Super Simple Podcast

A new Black Spectacles podcast about how technology is empowering world-class design.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 5pm CST 60 minutes

The Black Spectacles Super Simple Podcast explores the ‘how’ of architecture. How some of the most amazing projects in the world develop from a seed of an idea into a reality. It looks at the innovative ways in which architects are utilizing design software and technology to create incredible structures.

Episodes include interviews with world-class architects who are pushing the boundaries of technology in design practice and creating amazing work. In each episode we will talk with an architect, focusing on one of their most innovative projects, and walk through their design process touching on the role technology played in that process.

Episode 001: Iterating between Maya and one-to-one scale models

In this inaugural episode, Black Spectacles founder, Marc Teer interviews John Shields, founder of Point b Design about the D Bridge project, which won an AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Innovation Award in 2015.

Learn how Point B worked between Maya and full scale mockups to ensure successful delivery of the bridge, and see how they used algorithms in Grasshopper to study structural dynamic relaxation scenarios for the final design.

Point b Design is an architectural and furniture design studio located in Philadelphia, PA. The studio has evolved a unique design process, reliant upon the integration of digital design tools and fabrication. The process combines high-tech and low-tech tools in order to make meaningful objects and spaces. Point b Design maintains an ongoing research and development effort in the studio, pushing performance of emerging materials and technology.

John Shields has taught design studios at Philadelphia University and a graduate level course on Digital Fabrication at the University of Pennsylvania. John has given lectures on the topic of Design and Technology at various industry venues including the NYC AIA.


Episode 002 will take place on Wednesday, June 15th at noon CST

Register to attend Episode 002 here:

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